We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Toughened Glass across Bangalore. Toughened glass is stronger as compared to the ordinary annealed glass. The process of its manufacture involves heating up of the ordinary float glass at high temperatures and then cooling it down by blowing heat on its surface. It has a great bending strength and a high resistance to the rapid changing of temperatures. Upon any accidental breakage, it shatters into small pieces that are blunt and harmless.

What we do


The basic idea behind production concept was: The firms will produce what they can produce efficiently. This will ensure enough supply of the products at low-cost and demand will be created by itself.


By using the major UI elements along with an invocation method, you can build a wide variety of usage patterns that work well on Glass. You can then combine multiple patterns together in your Glassware for the use cases that you require.


Installation, delivery and service will be done on site with our expert team.

About Us

SRR glass works started there journey from 2008 by Mr. Shivshankar at tumkur. Later shifted his manufacturing base to Bangalore at Mysore road and today he has totaly 4 manufacturing units.

To manufacture these architectural and automotive glasses, our company use the sophisticated machinery installed in our infrastructure. With the help of these installed machines, our professionals make best finished products and deliver these in defect free condition to the clients' doorstep, that too within stipulated time frame under his guidence.

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Ashok Leyland , One of our major clients.


At SRR, we've made it our business to offer you a comprehensive lineup of grinding, polishing and conditioning products. We maintain an in-stock supply, ensuring that we can provide the right size and quantity to meet your needs—regardless of the industry you're in that includes an extensive selection of glasses.
Best of all, each glass is crafted to SRR's exacting standards. Our customers reap the benefits of our high standards of technical excellence, which translates into well-crafted products that perform better and last longer. These high-quality products are more cost-effective in the long term.

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